Trucking Software Highlights


Truck Rate Calculator

Examines business expenses and truck load expenses. Truck load expense can be entered as flat rate, per mile or percentage. Click Here to use our free truck rate calculator! Truck rate calculator details.

Distance Calculator

Enter the origin city and state or zip code and the destination city and state or zip code and the truck rate calculator will give you the distance in miles.

Net Profit Calculations

Tell the truck rate calculator your desired net profit for the load and the calculator will include it in the total.

Contact Tracking System

Messages emailed to your customers from within the trucking software are saved for future reference.

Quote Creation

Create professional quotes that can be emailed to your customers as a PDF document. Convert a quote to an invoice in one click.

Invoice Creation

Create professional invoices that can be emailed to your customers as a PDF document. Send invoice copies and reminders to your customers in a snap.

Instant Financial Snapshot

Your company dashboard displays quotes that have follow-up dates set and a summary aging of your accounts receivables.

Collections Tracking

Stay on top of your collection efforts by setting follow-up dates on past due invoices. Send your customers collection emails with invoice copies from within the trucking software. Emails are stored for future display.

Track Sales Efforts

Create quotes to track potential revenue. Set follow-up dates on quotes to contact potential customers in a timely fashion.

Truck Rates vs Expenses

The truck rate calculator compares load expenses to the transport rate and lets you know how much profit is in each truck load.

Free Upgrades

We upgrade our trucking software to meet customer demands. Existing clients never pay an upgrade fee provided their subscription doesn’t lapse. You never have to worry about any maintenance or security of the trucking software.

Your Word Counts

We are very concerned about what our customers think. If you have great ideas for our trucking software we’re happy to hear them. You could see your ideas come to life without bearing any software development costs.

Trucking Software Details is dedicated to helping trucking companies make sound business decisions that are part of their everyday operations. We offer professional trucking software that will benefit your bottom line. The TruckersMath trucking software focuses on generating revenue and on increasing the collected receivables of trucking companies. Our trucking software includes our truck rate calculator which will help you calculate a profitable rate per truck load, create professional quotes and invoices, track email contacts, set follow up contact dates for each quote and invoice plus much more. Take a look at our trucking software screenshots.

Truck Rate Calculator

When calculating the freight rate to charge per load, you can no longer guess or use freight rates that have worked in the past. The truck rate calculator in our trucking software calculates the profit and expense per truck load. You can access our truck rate calculator and trucking software from any location with internet access. The truck rate calculator will automatically calculate the distance between the origin and destination. The truck rate calculator is flexible and allows expenses to be entered as a percentage of the load value or as a per mile expense or as a flat rate expense. The truck rate calculator does it all!

Shipper Management

Our trucking software will help you manage shipper contact information including accounts payable contact information and number of days to pay. Our trucking software helps you manage future revenue and accounts receivable in just a glance. When you view your list of shippers you will instantly see the outstanding balance and pending quotes for each shipper as well as their contact information. From the shipper listing screen you can start a quote or invoice, pre-filled with the shipper’s information, in just one click.

Revenue Creation

Create quotes to track potential revenue with our trucking software. Each quote can be emailed to the shipper immediately after creation. Set a follow up date to be reminded of the next time you should contact the shipper about the quote. Our trucking software also offers the ability to send follow up emails with the quote attached. Our trucking software stores each email on our system for display when you view the quote details.

Accounts Receivable Management

Our trucking software offers the ability to create invoices from quotes or to create invoices manually. Invoices can be emailed immediately after creation or upon request. Invoices are sent in PDF format from within the trucking software and the trucking software keeps a copy of the email that can be viewed later. As with quotes, you can set a follow up date for each invoice to help manage accounts receivable collections.

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