Dec 182011

After reviewing all trucking related expenses the truck rate calculator presents you with all the information you need to charge a profitable yet competitive truck load rate.

In the screenshot below you will see that our trucking calculator quickly totals each expense to provide you with valuable truck load information. Information such as total fuel price, fuel gallons and driver pay give you and indication of what a truck load will cost in an instant. Truck load expenses are totaled and compared to the transport rate you entered. The truck load calculator states how much profit or loss is associated with your transport rate.

The truck rate calculator also considers the desired net profit you entered when calculating a profitable rate. The profitable rate is only a suggestion based on the calculator input. Click Here to see our truck rate calculator in action.

truck rate calculator results

After reviewing the truck load calculator results you have the option to add another leg to your trip, create a quote, create an invoice or to start a new calculation. Quotes and invoices can be emailed from our trucking software with the click of a button.